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About us

We are experts in data science, e-commerce, brand management and we have the capital to invest. We are united across three continents to help SME manufacturers expand their sales globally through cross-border e-commerce.
What is AtapCommerce?
The leaves of palm trees (particularly those of Nipa fruticans), used in South East Asia to thatch houses. In some South East Asia countries, Atap means 'Roof'
Commerce is the business of exchanging goods or services
we build "virtual roof" for small and medium size manufacturers in SouthEast Asia and Eastern Europe

How it works

Consumer Data Insights
Leverage our software, Nebulio, to analyze market, consumer and PoS data to garner market-specific product and category insights.
Match for Growth
Marry insights with manufacturer data and product offerings to identify consumer groups and markets with high potential for success.
Sustainable Investment
Invest our own capital to partner with our local network of sales and distribution experts to sustainably launch products into identified markets.
Transparent Management
Manage the brands and products on-going, providing full transparency to manufacturers and distribution partners to help grow their products.

Distribution Partners

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art

Our mission

Helping SMEs and families to expand their businesses while creating value for our investors. We are committed to preserving legacies and expanding the wealth of our partners.

We help businesses safeguard nature, promote fairness and transparency and improve both manufacturers and consumers' livelihood, encouraging mindful consumption.
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We really love to work with creators, manufacturers & entrepreneurs.
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